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We offer a unique approach to supporting schools in identifying signs of depression or suicidal thoughts in students. Through the power of art, students are encouraged to express their emotions and struggles in a safe and creative way. Art provides a powerful medium for starting conversations and understanding the inner world of students.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of young individuals.


We supply 100% of the art supplies and do all the set up and clean up. We sometimes have students or staff that are hesitant to participate because they fear they have no artistic ability. We help them overcome that fear by supplying a huge variety of stencils. We also help draw or assist in any way we can. We have had hundreds of students not wanting to paint but once they realize they have the tools and support they need to  succeed they really enjoy painting. Once their artwork is finished and hung in the school their confidence rises immensely.

How We Do It

We use art as a tool to help students express their emotions. We pair colors with emotions and feelings and provide the supplies for students to express themselves freely.

Through Inspire heART Inc we are able to provide artistic tools that help students find a voice and an encouraging way to communicate their thoughts and feelings!

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Thank you for your support!


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