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Testimonial - Fritz Polk

Christy and several other community members, came to my classroom shortly after the shooting and provided a critical opportunity for healing through the medium of art. They not only provided the materials and the canvas tiles but stayed with us throughout the completion of the project, interacting with the students, helping them with their projects, being a positive and encouraging adult connection, and generally bringing a sweet spirit of comfort and support. Being as my classroom was at ground zero this could not have been more timely and needed. In the ensuing weeks after they were gone I saw a much quicker return to “normalcy” than I anticipated. I believe it was because the students were able to express emotions through art, were able to be active participants in their own, and their schools, healing, and could quickly see that they were able to bring light and life and color back to their halls that had been held hostage by darkness and death. Christy has a rare combination of having the gift of artistic expression coupled with a genuinely compassionate heart and a knack for connecting with hurting kids. I believe the funding of her new vision would be a great boost to helping get the current survivors of our shooting through this year and next, onto graduation, and onto their new adult lives.”

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